NSNZ is experienced in all the facets of exportation by Sea and Air, assisting with export customs clearance processing
           carriage of goods from shippers address to export warehouse, and attending to all shipping requirements.

Quality Services are provided and observed at all times for ensuring trouble free freighting to destination ports and clients.

Pre-Alert Notices are sent out to respective destination agents to provide the consignees with advanced shipping information.

Seafreight LCL consolidation and FCL container services

Airfreight consolidation and direct airline services



NSNZ is experienced in all aspects of importation by Sea and Air, assisting with import customs clearance processing
           and carriage of goods delivery to importers address.

Unpacking of Sea Consolidation Containers at specialised warehouse

Pre-Advice Notices are sent to respective importers or their agents for providing clients with advanced shipping information.

Customs Brokerage is provided as an in-house service to ensure efficient clearance for on time delivery to clients

Quality Servicing is observed at all times to ensure that potential problems are acted upon immediately.

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